5-on-5 Basketball Tournament

Official Rules & Regulations

Registration & General

  • Players must play at their grade level or higher. Players will not be allowed to play down in grade levels.
  • Players may only play on one team and may not change rosters once the tournament begins.  Players may be added to a roster before a team starts its first game.
  • A non-tournament player may replace an injured player. This is solely at the discretion of the tournament director and only in emergencies.
  • Locker rooms will not be available. Each team must supply its own ball(s) and towels.

Tournament Format

  • There are 10 divisions:
    • 4th Grade Girls
    • 4th Grade Boys
    • 5th Grade Girls
    • 5th Grade Boys
    • 6th Grade Girls
    • 6th Grade Boys
    • 7th Grade Girls
    • 7th Grade Boys
    • 8th Grade Girls
    • 8th Grade Boys
  • Each team is guaranteed three games. Typically, two of these are scheduled for Saturday, and one is guaranteed on Sunday.
  • Games on Saturday are randomly assigned within divisions.  At the end of play Saturday, teams will be ranked according to win-loss record.  Tie breakers are, in order: head-to-head, point differential (up to +/- 10 per game), points allowed, and points scored.
  • Sunday consists of a single-elimination bracket that is seeded according to Saturday play described above.  A loss on Sunday is the end of the tournament for a team.


  • 3-minute warmup time, 2-minute halftime (time permitting)
  • Two 20-minute running halves
  • Clock stops the last 2 minutes of the second half if the game is within 10 points or less
  • Game time is forfeit time. A team can start a game with 4 players.
  • 2-30 second timeouts per game (Timeouts do not carry over to OT)
  • Overtime: Clock stops on all whistles
    • 1st overtime will be 2 minutes in duration with 1 timeout provided
    • 2nd overtime will be sudden death (first score wins)


  • All teams must have similar shirts with visible numbers on the back.
  • Teams are encouraged to bring multiple color options to distinguish between opposing teams of similar colors.
  • No uniforms are provided by the tournament coordinators.

Fouls & Free Throws 

  • Bonus at 7 team fouls
  • Double bonus at 10 team fouls
  • Clock does not stop for free throws unless game is within 10 points or less in the last 2 minutes of second half
  • Players are allowed 5 personal fouls
  • Technical Fouls 
    • Any technical foul will result in the opposing team being awarded 2 points and ball possession. Any player receiving a total of 2 technical fouls at any point during the tournament will be disqualified from the tournament. 
    • Any coach receiving a total of 2 technical fouls at any point during the tournament will be disqualified, along with the coach’s team, from the tournament.


  • Full court pressure
    • 4th/ 5th/6th grade division- no full court pressure allowed; It is allowed in the last 2 minutes if a team is trailing by 10 or more.
    • 7th/8th grade division- full court pressure allowed up until a team is ahead by 15 points or more.
  • Zone defense
    • 4th/ 5th/6th grade division- no zone defense allowed at any time; regardless of score.
    • 7th/8th grade division- zone defenses are allowed